Do you want to level up and meet some amazing people?

Transform your time.  Enrich your own life and other’s by sharing in real life meaningful connections.  Whether you want to share your skills and knowledge with others or you are seeking advice or a great experience with a new contact – if you have time, use HazTime!.

Don’t want to drink alone?  Meet a new buddy!

Who wants to drink alone?  Why not arrange a drink with a new drinking buddy!  Get connected via the HazTime app for people who are in the area wanting a drink.  Be the host and earn some extra cash for you or for your favourite charity.

How do you earn extra cash?  Easy.  Setup your profile with your favourite topic areas and areas of expertise.  When someone wants to grab a drink at the local and has a compatible interest area they will be happy to compensate you for your time and you get to meet someone interesting too!

Stuck in an airport and connect… In Real Life (IRL)

Spend a lot of time in airports?  The last thing you want to do is spend it stuck in front of your phone or laptop.  And who needs another lap of the airport travelators?  Why not spend time meeting with someone interesting!  Or maybe you want to impart some wisdom on an upcoming star?  All whilst having the opportunity to generate some extra holiday spending money.

Setup your profile with your superpowers and areas of interest to show to people in the airport that you are available to discuss those topics.  A fellow traveller may just be looking for an interesting 30 minute chat about one of your subjects.

Use your time wisely at the airport.  Maybe you just want to practice your pitch on a friendly stranger?  Or get last minute advice about your new relationship!  Or some career advice as you head in for an interview.  Find someone on HazTime who is an expert in that area who is also in the airport looking to spend a bit of quality time in real life rather than in front of a screen.

Learn a new skill – go beyond YouTube.

Have you ever wanted to learn a skill that requires some explanation.  skills such as sewing or crochet or woodworking.  Rather than learn from YouTube find an expert on HazTime today.

Or maybe you are an expert who can spare a few hours during the week to show someone a valuable skill like woodworking.  In your spare hours you can be generating a side income.  All you need to do is setup your HazTime profile to include the woodworking skill and your availability.

Taste from a MasterChef

Ever want to show off your MasterChef skills?  You could be generating a side business income through your tasty food extravaganza.  Whether you are hosting or teaching someone else how to cook, you can setup a profile and invite others to hire your services for a meal or two.

Are you a #Foodie?  Learn from a local chef or just eat their food.  Browse your local area or by type of cooking available HazTime members.

Style and Personal Shopping

Want to meet a new friend and get some help with your clothes shopping?  Find a personal clothes shopper to help you pick out your new wardrobe.  Clothes shopping can be a whole lot less stressful when it’s being handled by a stranger who will be happy to tell you a colour doesn’t suit you!

Set yourself up as a shopper (dream job for so many people!) and earn some extra money to do what you do best!  Remember to include your best selfies of some of your finds!

Browse and search for your favourite shopper and meet a new friend on HazTime.

Music for the rest of us

Looking for some extra coaching for your next gig?  Get some expert advice from a local musician.  They may not be listed as a music teacher but experience counts and sometimes the organic and self trained musicians can help where a traditional music teacher can’t.

Do you HazTime to connect with a rising star?!