Hi Slingshot and Lion!

We wanted to provide a bit more information about us, about Platnm® and about why Platnm® is such a good fit for the Lion Unleashed program.

Whilst Platnm® has been brewing for a long time we are a new team which has been already accelerated through the application process for the Lion Unleashed Accelerator.

We noted whilst watching the Facebook Live session with Mat Beech that you are interested in the Founders so we’ve cut together a short video for you about us.

Thanks and we hope to see you at Pitch day!

Richard and Yvonne

P.S. We’ve cut together a few videos covering the Founders, About Platnm and why we’d be a great fit and vice  versa for the Lion Unleashed program.

Timeline of Platnm

▶︎ Idea inception for Platnm® was on 27 May 2014 @ 3:36pm
▶︎ Product development including prototyping business concepts, technical architecture, APIs, user interviews, market testing, go to market strategy and business scalability modelling.
▶︎ Founders met in May 2017 through working on GovHack.
▶︎ 15 May 2017 Acceptance of Platnm® as a registered trademark
▶︎ Incorporated July 2017 in preparation for Lion Unleashed application