Transform your time

HazTime is about transforming your time.  Transform it into money.  Or transfer it into new knowledge.  Or a new skill.  Or just into a great experience by meeting with real people.

Mind and Experience Sharing Economy

HazTime is about upgrading your life through sharing your life and skills and experience whilst being paid!

Did you ever want to pick someone’s brain but been too embarrassed to ask? HazTime offers a solution by having a platform where you can find a suitable expert and have a chat with them.  By paying a fee, it is a transaction and provides the opportunity to ask those questions and get the advice you need or want.

Do you have a fantastic super power or skill that could be of interest to someone else?  Whether it’s teaching someone else your unique party trick or holding a mini class in making a souffle – HazTime has you covered.  HazTime provides a platform to market and sell your time and skills to people nearby.  Share your skills and experience and earn at the same time.

Just want to give back to the community?  Yes you can do that too and provide any proceeds or part of the proceeds to your favourite charity.

HazTime was started in Australia in 2017.


Richard Tubb, CEO

Richard has been working with GovHack since 2013 and stepped down as the National Director of GovHack where he grew and  ran the world’s largest open data hackathon and Australia’s largest hackathon for his own enterprise –  The concept came to him one day in a city hotel room where he was alone eating trail mix and wanted to be able to connect to an interesting person… but couldn’t work out how.

Yvonne Lee, CeeO

Working as a volunteer during the GovHack 2017, she met co-founder Richard Tubb via remote video conference calls and Slack conversations.  Previously a founder of marketplace startups Oddswop and 99interns, she was keen to invest in a founder-in-the-making Richard Tubb and has joined Richard on the journey of building HazTime to make a difference in people’s lives by unlocking people’s individual’s talents, knowledge and skills.

Don’t know what a CeeO does?  Neither do we!  But it stands for Chief everything else Officer.